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Amazing news as Ghana’s first Date palm tree found in Walewale bears fruit (Photos)

When it comes to agriculture, climate plays a very important role. There are certain trees, crops or plants that can’t survive in certain geographical locations due to the climatic conditions of those areas.


Others too will grow but the power to produce fruits will be lost in them. The cocoa tree for example, can’t thrive in the northern zone of Ghana whilst it grows and bear fruits perfectly in the southern part of the same country.
One other tree that has failed to produce fruits in many parts of the world is the date tree. This tree is indigenous to the Arab land. It grows and produces in large quantities in the Arab world.

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But one date tree in Walewale has made it against all odds to grow and bear a lot of fruits in the northern part of Ghana.

In an interaction with some family members who own the tree, they explained that it has bore fruits in previous years, and this year’s is actually the third time. Our source added that, the tree bears fruits once in every two years. It has always given a one year fallow period before bearing again — a situation they think could be attributed to the climate condition of Walewale.


Dates play a very significant role in the lives of the muslim society especially during Ramadan. It’s part of a group of delicacies used for breaking one’s fast. The socio-economic impact of dates on those who trade in it is quite significant.

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Residents of the area are optimistic about the prospects of the tree adapting to the climate of the area. This, they say, will enable them to plant more of the tree to improve livelihoods.

Phoenix dactylifera, commonly known as dates belongs to palm family, Arecaceae of raffia. It takes a date tree to mature between 4-8 years old. A matured date fruit grows up to the size of a palm kernel and it’s oval in shape. When riped, dates becomes yellowish in colour and can be eaten raw or processed.

Date tree in Walewale, Ghana
Date tree in Walewale

Source: Mossi Camara Sulley/Nsemwoha.com