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4 Things Sadio Mané has done for his village that deserves praise

sadio mane builds school for hometown

There are some African football stars who do everything beyond their capacity to make sure they give back to the community where they grew up.

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We’ve seen players like Kanu Nwankwo who built a heart foundation to empower people with heart ailments and a host of others who support young players to make their football come to actualization.

The Senegalese professional footballer who plays for Liverpool is also not an exemption to giving back to where he had his grass root.

Here are the things he did

???? He dispersed $300,000 for the construction of a high school in his hometown in Senegal. Work has begun and he inspected the project a few days ago

???? He funded a modern stadium and a hospital construction project in his community

???? He gave each family a sum of 50,000 CFA to support them.

???? He sent 300 Liverpool jerseys to young footballers in his community

But the most important of all is he serves as a role model for young children from His village of Bembali and the entire Senegal.

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This is indeed a good way to give back to the community and I really commend Sadio Mane for that. You might say this money isn’t much but believe me, $300,000 is seen as fortune in Senegal.

Meanwhile some African politicians are not ready to spend such amount of money to support young promising footballers.

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