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Zion Felix Narrates How He Was Scammed Almost 2,000 Ghana Cedis

Well known Ghanaian celebrity blogger Zion Felix in a video has narrated how some fraudsters scammed him almost 2,000 Ghana cedis on the 3rd of February 2020.

According to him, he made an advert of selling his car for 80,000 which he had ordered to Ghana few months ago.

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He got a call from an unknown person saying his uncle who was identified as Professor Agyeman Badu who’s based in UK is pressuring him to buy a car in addition to the ones they already have in their company.

The said uncle who was identified as Professor Agyeman Badu called Zion Felix to negotiate on his car.

Zion Felix ended up selling the car at 76,000 Ghana cedis to this Professor Agyeman Badu.

He added that, the said uncle told him that, he will send him the money through Global Link in addition with some goods because it will take time when sending it through Western Union.

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Zion Felix received a call from Professor Agyeman Badu again but this time around he gave Zion Felix some numbers saying it’s a secret codes and direct numbers to Global Link company in Ghana.

According to Zion Felix, he call them to confirm whether that goods are ready or not but he was told that, that particular goods will be send to him direct to his house but it’s not in yet.

He got a call in the next morning from the scammers saying the goods are ready to deliver so he needs to pay the clearing fee for that goods and it will cost him 1,980 Ghana cedis.

Due to the trust Zion Felix said he got for the said uncle, he made full payment of 1,980 cedis to that delivery company through an MTN number with name Kwabena Boateng.

After he sent the money, that’s when he came in realization that, he has been scammed.

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He then called MTN customer care for a reversal of the money a sent to the scammers but he was told the money had been withdrawn.