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You’re your parents duty until marriage, Stop demanding money from your boyfriend – Man advises


Advise has gone to ladies to stop the practice of pushing all their financial burden on their boyfriends because first of all they’re not responsible for them.

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It is said that the moment a lady accepts to date a guy, he automatically owes her money because the unnecessary demands begin as if they’re orphans.

But a netizen has advised that the practice must stop because a man is not responsible for taking care of his girlfriend so long as they’re not married and that, the responsibility falls on the lady’s parents.

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Taking to Facebook, Stash Grey intimated that a lady who is constantly asking for money from her boyfriend is not so different from a beggar because that responsibility is that of their parents until the boyfriend takes steps and make her his wife.

Don’t use begging as a replacement of my partner should be able to take care of me financially, you are your parents sole responsibility until you are married!” he wrote.

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