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You’re a man of wisdom, I pray to have a son like you – Lady eulogies Hushpuppi


Despite the barage of criticisms and insults been heaped on Nigerian internet fraudster, Hushpuppi, one courageous lady has decided to swim against the tide by throwing her weight behind the fraudster.

Ramon Igboalade popularly known as Hushpuppi was arrested by the Dubai police a couple of weeks ago for crimes of fraud and money laundering. He was arrested with his accomplish Woodberry by a joint operation of Interpol and the Dubai’s police.

When the news of the arrest of the Nigerian Instagram big boy broke out, a lot of people shared their opinions and all were negative towards the fraudsters. A lot of people expressed joy in the arrest.

Taking to her Facebook page, a lady by name Ada Jesus has expressed her admiration for Hushpuppi describing him as a man of wisdom. In her lovely message on social media, Ada declared that she prays to have a son like Hushpuppi and also promised to marry him in her next life.

She wrote: “I pray to have a son like, and in my next life you will be my husband wisdom man, may God be with you brother. Nobody holy pass.” ️

Hushpuppi and his partner, Woodberry were extradited to the United States where they’re facing the law for their crimes. The two have succeeded in defrauding about 1.9m people to the tune of millions of dollars.

Screenshot of her post

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