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Your woman isn’t ugly, showing her off in public will make her more beautiful – Men adviced

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Advice has gone to men to quit thinking the woman they’re dating is ugly compared to the the other supposedly beautiful women they see outside because a woman’s beauty depends on how she is treated.

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Explaining his point, netizen Volqx said while the beauty of a woman may not necessarily be the duty of the man, the moment a man starts treating his woman right, she will start looking good in the eyes of everyone.

He further added that, men can treat their women better by showing her off publicly and by not trying to hide them, this way, he claims, she will look and feel good about herself and almost everyone’s eyes will be on her.

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Your woman isn’t ugly , you aren’t just treating her right or taking good care of her . Yes it’s not your duty but you’ll see that the moment you start publicly showing her off , making her look good , you’ll have everyone’s eyes on her .” He wrote

Effectively, when a man is proud of his woman and shows her off in public, he raises her confidence level and that has a ripple effect on her general outlook of herself and how she dresses, therefore making her appear more attractive and appealing.

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Source: Nsemwoha.com

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