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“Your V*gina will burn in hell” – Prophet. Kofi Oduro to Mama Gee customers

prophet tells those who patronize mam gee products will go to hell

Mama Gee is the talk of town after she was arrested for selling love charms to slay queens purposely for them to extract money from their partners easily.

Some Ghanaians have been shocked by the extent some lazy women would go to get men to sponsor their high lives instead of working hard to support their men.

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Prophet Kofi Oduro of Alabaster International Ministry has waded in on the issue. The vociferous man of God has slammed all those who patronized the Mama Gee’s products, saying they are hell bound.

“We are determined to preach salvation and eternal life to the people of God not unnecessary products like p*$$y tightening drugs. Your v*gina will burn in hell. All these are Jezebelic and witchcraft. Jezebel is in our country and they are after the men.” he added.

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