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You will never see a fine girl saying “Men are trash”, it’s always the ugly ones – Man says

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A bad personal experience leaves us with lasting impressions about people, but sometimes we mistake the behaviour of one person to be the the nature of all of their kind ( gender, race  tribe, religion etc) and end up unfaily stereotyping all of them.

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You probably have come across the statement “Men are trash” several times, and most often it comes from a lady that’s had one bad experience with men or has just been unlucky in relationships.

A netizen has launched a counter attack on ladies who are fond of such generalizations, and specifically uses such words to basically demean every man alive.

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In a Twitter post, netizen Fareed said, in his experience, all the ladies that usually use the statement “Men are trash” are ugly and not appealing aesthetically.

According to him, it’s rare to see a beautiful lady ever making use of such a vulgar statement to run down men, which their fathers are included.

You will never see a fine girl saying “Men are trash” it’s always those ugly mofos 🙄😂” he wrote

Fareed’s tweet
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