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You want a man with car but your father doesn’t have one, are you wiser than your mum? – Man quizzes ladies

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Nowadays, the requirements for getting into a relationship with most millennials include the ownership of a car and most wouldn’t consider a man their class should he patronize public transport.

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The trend means some guys have to engage in some form of nefarious activity for quick money in order to get themselves someone to share their heart with.

But one netizen has begged to differ, throwing a jabbing question at some of these ladies, and calling into question the wisdom in some of their choices.

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Ivan Adu, raised a vital question, asking that if such ladies have fathers who doesn’t have cars, yet their mothers agreed to settle with them, why would they insist on a man who has car before agreeing to marry?.

U want 2 marry a man wit car while ur Dad doesn’t own one, are u trying to be wiser than ur Mum?????” he wrote in a Facebook post

Final Take

Love should be the focus of every relationship, and focusing on material things in order to consider a man for a relationship is actually wrong.

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The foundation of such relationships will be shaky and it means when these material things which usually dont last, are gone, the relationship are as good as dead.

Remember a man with vision and prospect is better than a boy with a car but going no where.

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