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You have 2 days to apologize or I’ll deal with you – Net2 TV host angrily fires Magraheb (Video)

Host of Net 2 Television program Hot Seat  Kwaku Annan has angrily blasted Italy-based Ghanaian Vlogger, Francis Oppong also known as Magraheb for claiming he is incompetent as the program host.

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Magraheb who usually reacts to trending issues in his program Daily Wahala branded Mr. Annan incompetent as he didn’t have control over his own show as a host and allowed the panelist, Hon. Kennedy Agyapong who is also the owner of Net2 TV to dictate the program.

Mr. Annan in reaction blasted Magraheb, saying he and the producers put in a lot of effort in planning and making the program a success and wouldn’t take that harsh criticism from him.

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He went ahead to say that Magraheb has 48hours to retract and apologize for his comments or face his wrath.