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You can’t manufacture sense out of nonsense, if he’s abusive, leave – Lady says


Stories of abuse by male partners abound these days especially in the online space, but it is obvious that many are those left untold and a lot more are those currently living with abusive partners hoping they’d change.

It is these hopes for change that has been quashed by a reality check by a lady named Jessica Serwaah, who has intimated that, an abusive partner is a quagmire and will never change.

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In a post on Facebook, Jessica asserted that, it is better for a partner to leave an abusive relationship than stay hoping there will be a change in behavior.

She likened the probability of an abusive partner changing, to trying to make sense out of nonsense, saying it is an impossibility.

Don’t sit there enduring all the hurt thinking he will change. You can’t manufacture sense out of nonsense my sister. If he’s abusive just leave him, he will never change. ????????” she wrote

Jessica’s Facebook post
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