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World’s Biggest Wild Catfish Caught in Ghana [Watch Video]


Ghana is a blessed nation in terms of its forests and wildlife diversity. The numerous rivers across the country means fresh river fishes abound everywhere.

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In one of such rivers in the Brong Ahago region, what seems like arguably the biggest catfish ever seen has been caught.

The wild African catfish is over 6feet long and just about the size of a medium built human being.

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The cat fishes we know, even those reared with the best of nutrition doesn’t compare to the mammoth size of this one.

As superstitious as Ghanaians are, some have intimated that it could be a water deity that was caught and not a real fish so they wouldn’t dare eat it.

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Check out the video BELOW to see how it was caught.. Would you consume the meat of such a huge catfish? Let’s hear from you in the comments section below.