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Why Shatta Wale is the biggest artist in Ghana now


The rise of Shatta Wale, the boss of Shatta movement has been a sharp one and most people couldn’t have predicted this especially, when his first attempt at music in the early 2000s as Bandana wasn’t so successful.

But upon coming back from his long sabbatical, Shatta Wale instantaneously announced his arrival with a new name, new music and most importantly new aura. His music gained prominence with the ghetto youth and since then the only way for him has been up.


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From Shatta City, Dancehall King and a plethora of tracks that rocked the Ghanaian airwaves incessantly. Dope tracks that resonated with the ghetto grassroots and talked about issues politically correct and established musicians wouldn’t dare talk about.

That was his style and he rode the wave of controversy his tracks and personality generated so well that he began to amass a following that has grown to become arguably the largest fanbase in Ghana now, Shatta Movement, SM. One trait of the reinvented and renewed Bandana that he hasn’t received many accolades for is his hard work. The sheer number of tracks he releases each year means his fans are never starved, he is always the talk of town and the airwaves is his to rule.

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Comparisons between him and his nemesis, Stonebwoy, I believe is out of place. Shatta is in a distinct competition of his own and he has no competitor really. Without a doubt StoneGod is talented and deft in music. He has international appeal because his music and lyrics fit the establishment which makes him appear more matured. The good thing is he’s been able to amass a large following with his Bhim Nation and he must be commended.

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The fact still remains, they’re both in the same industry, one that thrives on quantity with regards to fanbase and ability to get them out to shows whether free or paid. In that regard, considering their individual abilities Shatta wale leads because he can single handedly pull any size of crowd as he’s done many times and most recently at Mantse Abgona, yet I doubt Stonebwoy would be able to do same if he were the only act performing.

Take nothing from Stonebwoy, I love his music and style but if I were an event organizer looking to pull crowd and I had to choose between Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy, without an iota of doubt, I’d choose the former.

Writer: Joe Naah-Yiereh