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“Where is the change we voted for?” Ghanaians ask as fuel price increases by 3.5%


“I will change Ghana in 18 months if you vote for me” – Nana Addo 2016

It’s been 18 months since his Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo took over from the ex president John Mahama as the president and commander in chief of the Ghana armed forces. Before that he had won the 2016 general election with a resounding victory after a difficult couple of years under the previous administration. With the victory came also a high expectation from the populace for economic change, jobs, a reduction in the high cost of living and corruption.

Free SHS, Nana’s leading promise was delivered last academic year, and this academic year the ad-hoc double track system took off to a successful start in order to accommodate more students in high schools and for free. 1 district 1 Factory has potential and already some factories have been commissioned which is a joy to Ghanaians.

The announcement of fuel increment by 3.5% though has rocked the nation hard and has got many Ghanaians complaining bitterly about the high cost of living and demanding the change they voted for. A litre of fuel costs between 5.14 -5.18 Ghanaian Cedis. Since this government took power, the price of fuel has risen consistently from GHC 4.10 in January 6 to GHc 5.14 in 18 months, the effect of which is borne by the ordinary Ghanaian.

The unstoppable depreciation of the cedi is exercebating the woes of business men, the recent local bank collapses and the shut down of Menzgold has cost the jobs of 1000s of Ghanaians. Meanwhile spare parts dealers have threatened to embark on a demonstration against the high import charges slapped on their business. The president must step up his efforts to stabilize the economy and the currency to help businesses grow and provide some comfort to a nation that has had to endure so much economic hardship.


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