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“When Boaz met Ruth, she was working” – Ladies on social media advised


While the purpose of social media is to connect with friends, far and near, people, both young and old have found ways to abuse the new freedom it affords, engaging in unproductive and sometimes obscene behavior.

It definitely needs no telling that most of the young people who do this are single and wish that someday they’ll meet their own soulmate, preferably someone well to do to settle down with.

Advice has gone to such young people, especially the ladies, to rather engage themselves in something productive and dignifying rather than showing their body on social media for attention and likes while still hoping some decent man would want them for marriage.

While a lot of people want a lasting love like that of the Biblical character of Ruth who met the love of her life Boaz, it must be noted that she was working when Boaz saw her, not twerking as some ladies resort to on social media for attention, the advice effectively says.

“When Boaz met Ruth, she was working not twerking” the post sighted by Nsemwoha.com read.

Source: Nsemwoha.com

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