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We Prefer ‘Corrupt’ Mahama Government To ‘Holy’ Akuffo-Addo Government


The 1D1F mantra has now been appropriately interpreted as ‘One Day One Fraud’. I consider this very befitting for this government considering it’s exploits in recent times. After so many instances of shielding their party thieves occupying several positions when accusations come, yesterday I read somewhere that John Boadu says they will not shield their corrupt officials anymore. This in itself depicts the hypocrisy this government has been riding on for all this while.

Special prosecutor says he can’t probe PDS deal, selective justice. The Special Prosecutor is a statue and a robot being controlled by government instead of being an autonomous entity. Since inception that office has achieved zero after Ghs18 million budget commitment in 2019 budget. He has asked PPA former criminal boss to see him, see him for what? We know this is a dust being thrown in the eyes of Ghanaians. They will sweep this dirt under their carpet again.

Hon. Kennedy Agyapong has threatened to expose Manasseh Azure. What is he going to expose? Manasseh doesn’t wear masks like Anas so what is he going to expose? And where are all the killers of Ahmed Suale, Ghana Police should tell us? The government will suppress the investigation because the results will go against them. Why doesn’t Kennedy Agyapong walk us through the source of his wealth first so we can weigh whether he has the moral justification to call anybody corrupt in this country?

The government at any chance it gets has proven itself to be hypocritical. They want to mute Anas and have exonerated Bissue as clean although the Anas video was clear. They were okay with Nyantakyi’s expose but not with Bissue’s own because he is government appointed.

Information reaching us is that Rosewood is being smuggled and exported by NPP big men and footsoldiers. Cars impounded by CELPS are being shared among footsoldiers of this government. These are traders money and investment and we claim this government is not corrupt and that Mahama is corrupt? Serious hypocrisy and stinking corruption has being displayed by this government.

They accuse Mahama for being corrupt but we saw so many signs of infrastructural development something this government is yet to do. The ‘corrupt’ Mahama did not create massive unemployment by closing down banks, microfinance companies and savings and loans company and you can see Bawumia’s hand writing written all over this evil move. I heard he said he entered politics with a hidden motive to implement BoG policies. My question is, is Bank of Ghana for his father or it belongs to Ghanaians? What shares does he personally have in BoG that he has to come and be closing people’s businesses creating massive unemployment like that?

If his intention is to ascend to presidency in Ghana, it will never happen. Even as vice look at what you are doing, how much more as a president and I know he is only being used by the NPP big wigs. They will never vote for him to lead the party in anyway in the near future. Infact most NPP business men are quite but I know they are not happy with what Bawumia is doing.

No one is against the clean up exercise if it is with good motive, not political and doesn’t create unemployment. The wholesale basis with which this is done shows that the government does not care about the citizens in the country. People are going home and dying because of hardship and unemployment.

One of their own Dr. Amoah when he was appointed Chairman of Normalisation Committee of GFA was happy, he didn’t know his own party will close his Savings and Loans Company, Global Access Savings and Loans Company. We heard $5 million was lost in their remittance transactions which the public never knew about and now that it has been taken over by his own government he is now complaining that the citadel of banking, UK saved it’s banking sector from collapsing but Ghana chose to close it’s banks. It serves him right, let him have a feel of how his own party people can be diabolic and he himself corrupt because you did not alert the public of such scandal. How can such a person normalise GFA? Most people the government have given appointment to are not credible enough, how can those institutions function effectively?

Yesterday Minister for Information, Hon Kojo Oppong Nkrumah commissioned a “Modern Mechanised Water System” in a village in his constituency. Joy Fm posted the pictures on Facebook and he himself posted it on his page too. I tell you frankly it is a very big shame what he calls Modern Mechanised Water System, two polytanks on a four square pillar structure with water hoes and pipe attached to it and it was described as modern mechanised water system. I felt so ashamed and embarrassed for him for posting this structure on his Facebook saying they will continue to improve the life of the people.

This government and it’s people are mocking Ghanaians with these kind of petty structures. It’s a shame! Mahama will never do this. Go and check all the projects Mahama did in Ghana and you will realise that there is a big difference in leadership. The ‘corrupt’ Mahama has what it takes to develop Ghana looking at the several modern projects he built in Ghana. Apart from free SHS let’s all accept that Akuffo-Addo’s government is wasting our time and has nothing to offer Ghanaians.

The ‘E’ blocks Mahama built for SHS was massive, compare it to Akuffo-Addo’s own, it’s laughable. In all this inefficiency this President is promoting National Cathedral. Look I can tell you confidently and with every authority in heaven and hell that Ghana will remain the same even after 8 years without an inch development because I have weighed it, they are just going in circles and have nothing to offer. I even think my grandmother can preside over Ghana better than what this President and his Vice are doing. I am very ashamed to call myself a Ghanaian under this administration with lack of opportunities but rot nepotism and favour for it’s family and friends.

Everyday one scandal or another, hiring and firing is the order of the day. Old pensioners are public CEOs when the youths are sitting at home. Promoting personal presidential interest in detriment to the populace. Naming everything in the country after family members and friends. The country is completely in a mess. Bawumia too is thumb fooling the masses with figures that is taking us nowhere and I personally think he knows nothing to govern a nation. I don’t know his outstanding credentials that should place him where he is, not to say we are against it if only he does things to interest us as Ghanaians.

We are tired of this government. In Mahama’s time it wasn’t like this. NDC is not a perfect party but it sympathises with the people and NDC as a Social Democratic party will not take decisions that will affect Ghanaians adversely. This government has also proven to us that it is equally corrupt with PDS deal, Ameri deal, PPA sale of contracts and so many corruption scandals that has rocked this administration.

Writer: Emmanuel Quayson

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