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We know the power of prayer; If you won’t pray against Coronavirus, just keep quiet – Man says

All over the world the deadly novel Coronavirus is devastating communities, wreaking havoc while taking the lives of loved ones.

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This has led governments to seek solution to the menace, others, especially in Africa have turned to prayer and fasting, calling on God almighty to visit them in their time of need, most notably Trump and the Ghanaian president Nana Akufo-Addo calling on citizens to observe a National day of prayer.

While this may have been a great call for Christians, many have opined that this is not the time for prayer and fasting, rather what we need to be practical and not spiritual.

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But one netizen, has disagreed with the later, going ahead to say that they those who think fasting and prayer doesn’t work should sit aside for those who believe to pray because they know the power of prayer.

“The fasting is not by force. If you won’t fast you can kindly shut up. You’re woke, and we salute you. Some of us understand the power of prayer, and we will pray. If we’re stupid in your eyes we like. 🙏🏾” he wrote in a tweet.