“We didn’t torture him” – National Security responds to allegations by ModernGhana Editor

The National Security Secretariat has issued a statement debunking claims by ModernGhana.com journalist and editor that he was tortured while in their custody.

The journalist who was picked up by National security operatives last Thursday and was only let go on Saturday for allegedly being party to a cyber crime, claimed he was slapped several times by interrogators, he also said he was given electric shocks and made to lean against a wall head down.

Denying the allegations, the National security released this statement:


The journalist Emmanuel Abugri who is the editor of the online news portal modernghana.com says his office was raided by the operatives who ceased his electronic gadgets like phones, tablets and laptops, bundled him and another worker into a vehicle with their heads covered in black plastic bags.

Emmanuel claims he was only questioned on two articles he published in the portal, one of which was an opinion piece received from one ‘Constance’ and the other a press statement all of which was about the National Security Minister Albert Kan Dapaah. The journalist claims at no point was he questioned about alleged cyber hacking.

Emmanuel will be arraigned before court today, we will follow the developments and update you.

Source: nsemwoha.com | Dada Joe Naah-Yerreh

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