Home General News Water shortage hits parts of Accra as GWCL closes taps

Water shortage hits parts of Accra as GWCL closes taps


Residents of parts of the capital city, Accra has been left to look for alternative water source, mostly salty well water due to the closure of taps by the Ghana water Company Limited for close to five days.

The taps stopped flowing on Wednesday and is yet to return, leaving many homes without water. The cause, a GCWL worker told nsemwoha, is the burst of a major pipeline located at the Mallam area, necessitating the closure of all the area’s pipes for repair works to be carried out. This means areas like Awoshie, Santa Maria, Kwashieman, Odorkor, Lapaz, Abeka and surrounding areas are left without water.

He expressed hope that the taps would be opened within the next few days as the new week starts.

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