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Watch: Woman dies minutes after dancing at school party

Nigerian woman dies moments after dancing at schoo party

Life indeed is vanity and it’s transcienty makes it more so. You’re here the now, the next minute you are gone.

Sadly, a video circulating online shows a woman who was happily dancing at a school party. The woman has been identified as Eunice Osarugue Egbobawaye. Her sister has narrated the events leading to her unfortunate and sudden death

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An account of events surrounding final moments of late Sister Eunice Osarugue Egbobawaye. She was said to have been dancing in the school hall then slumped on a chair. Was presumed to be tired but when she did not respond, Doctors were alerted and checked her.

No peripheral pulses were palpated. Mis information about her being an asthmatic made the doctors administer pufffs of salbutamol to her via inhaler. When alerted, (smagoga doctors) we met her lying on the ground outside the hall.

We stopped the inhaler, could only palpate the left temporal pulse and continued anti shock management and CPR. Then rushed her to the nearest private medical centre opposite the school but they had no oxygen.

Moved her to Central hospital in the hope of getting full complement of resuscitation facilities viz oxygen, defribillator. Upon arrival at central hospital, she was pronounced BID ( brought in dead). No defribillator.

We continued administering CPR on the way to UBTH, in expectation of getting a defribillator. Although a team was at reception to receive her, they confirmed no cardiac activity and also confirmed as bid.
Her corpse was then transferred to Stella Obasanjo Hospital and Morgue”