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Video: Woman narrates how she turns into fish at night to visit family in the sea


A Ghanaian woman has narrated her connection to the spiritual underworld and her exploits there at night.

Speaking to Arnold Elavanyo on his Vibes in 5 show, the lady who identified herself as Nyevile A.K.A Born Star, a budding musician said her connection to the spiritual realms started even before her mother conceived her.

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She revealed that her mother had trouble conceiving but a prophetess helped her to take seed, but with a caveat, that the baby when born, must be dedicated to the sea or she will die.

She claims as a baby, her parents heeded to the words of the prophetess and sent her to the sea, dedicated her and left the infant Nyevile in the sea for 4 days.

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During those days, she continued, she was taken to the spiritual underworld to meet her other family and acquaint herself with the activities of the new world.

She says after the 4 days, the prophetess and her mum returned to the sea to pray and she was returned to them.

Ever since then, she revealed, she has been communicating with and visiting the sea world.

She claims she is able to turn into fish at night therefore one of her most stringent rules is that no one switches on the light when she’s sleeping or risk seeing something spiritual or getting harmed.

Watch her narrate the story on the Video below (skip to 7:50 for that part)

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