Home Entertainment Video: Wendy Shay in search of her “big anomaba” fan

Video: Wendy Shay in search of her “big anomaba” fan


Ghanaian Songstress Wendy Shay is searching for a fan who took part in her #EmergencyChallenge and caught attention with her actions in the video.

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The Rufftown records frontliner first posted her video on Instagram in which the fan tried to mimic her in the emergency music video.

Fortunately or unfortunately for her, the busty lady’s weight caught the attention of netizens as she sang the lyrics, especially the part where she called herself “anomaba” (little bird) which fans thought she was too ‘big’ to qualify as a little bird.

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As has become custom of the internet nowadays, a comedian reacted to her video and that propagated her case even further on social media.

It looks like luck has finally found her as Wendy is looking for her in a latest post on her Instagram page, writing: “Who can find me this lady? I really want to meet her..pls dm if you know her thank you”

She will probably get rewarded after getting to meet her number one idol, Wendy Shay.


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