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VIDEO: Tema motorway – motorists refuse to pay toll until potholes are fixed


Motorists who use the Tema motorway have started a campaign to to draw authority’s attention to the deplorable state of the motorway, which claims lives each week by refusing to pay toll.

The motorway, they lament, is full of potholes, deep and deadly, and the road is also without streetlights at night as all the lights are defunct. This has turned the highway into a deathtrap. The Ghana highway authority which has oversight responsibility on all roads in Ghana has refused to use part of the revenue realised from toll collection to fix the road, which has left the drivers with no other choice than to boycott toll payment.

Some drivers videotaped their demonstration, filming moments when they told toll collectors the need to fix the road as they drove off without paying the toll.

See the video below

We at Nsemwoha are asking, till when will authorities be serious in this country?, The incompetence and criminal negligence at the Ghana highways Authority has caused many lives to be lost on our roads and no one is taking responsibility or action. Since the only language well understood by those in authoriy in Ghana is demonstration, we encourage all drivers and users of the Tema motorway to join this demonstration and refuse the payment of toll until those responsible act and fix the road.


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