[Video] Angry youth burn down Sotitobire Church after boy’s body was found buried under altar

The Sotitobire miracle centre belonging to prophet Babatunde has been set on fire and ransacked after the body of a boy was found buried under the alter.

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The boy who went missing in the church about a couple of weeks ago was in church that fateful Sunday with parents but they couldn’t find their boy after service.

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People started pointing accusing fingers at the pastor, suspecting what has been confirmed today that he used the boy for rituals.

Prophet Babatunde organized a couple of half-Nekked old women to pray and invoke curses on his accusers at the height of the accusations.

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It is currently unknown what has been the faith of prophet Babatunde but that of his church is certain, it has been desecrated, first by himself and finally by the youth of Akure.

Watch the video below to the end.

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