Vice president Bawumia interviews NABCO applicants.

Applicants of the Nation Builders corps, were in for a surprise today when they turned up to be interviewed at the AMA head Office at Accra.

The vice president of the republic of Ghana, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia graced todays interview session with his presence, sitting among the panel to interview the applicants.

Although some applicants were nervous due to his presence others were quite confident and impressed the panel.

NABCO is a program introduced by the government to enable unemployed graduates acquire some work experience in order to be ready for the job market.

The program has 6 modules which are :

Educate Ghana: Graduate teachers in an “Educate Ghana” programme will focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and other relevant subjects in primary and secondary schools across the country

Heal Ghana: Trained nurses and other healthcare workers in the “Heal Ghana” programme will provide healthcare delivery to deprived and rural communities across Ghana.

Feed Ghana: Trained Agricultural extension and other allied workers in the “Feed Ghana” programme will provide extensive support to farmers.

Revenue Ghana: Tertiary graduates in a “Revenue Ghana” programme could provide a workforce and minimal technology solution to generate the requisite revenue for the development of Ghana.

Digitise Ghana: In a knowledge era, most nations have achieved greatness by the application of technology to ease business, improve efficiency, cut costs, improve earnings, and increase productivity.

Civic Ghana: The Civic Ghana is designed to provide some resource base at the District and Constituency level.

Enterprise Ghana: Enterprise Ghana is the NABCO’s module designed to assist with the effort to industrialize all parts of the country.

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