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Upper West NPP Disputes Purported Lies Circulated By NDC Regarding U/W Regional Hospital

The president of the republic of Ghana, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo is set to commision the Upper West Regional Hospital on Sunday 18th August, 2019.

In that regard, the NDC through its Upper West regional director of communications Mr. Prosper Puo-ire, released a statement purposely to claim the project was the brainchild of the NDC among other claims.

The Upper West NPP has in response, released a statement through their communications director, Mr. Bukari Ali, disputing the claims in Mr. Prosper’s statement stating it is fraught with lies and half truths.

The Statement read:
We have chanced upon a document that is signed by the Regional communication officer of the National Democratic Congress, Mr. Prosper Puo-ire seeking to bastardise the important exercise that the president is set to carry out in the Upper West Regional Capital, Wa on Sunday the 18th of August 2019. On this day, the president shall be commissioning the Upper West Regional Hospital in which case the facility would be handed over to the Regional Health Directorate to dispense health care to people of the Region. One would have thought that, everyone in the region would have been happy for the announcement. Regrettably however, the National Democratic Congress through their regional communication officer would want to make a needless political capital out of it.

It would be recalled, that, Mr. Prosper Puo-ire and NDC have through various media platforms, traditional and social media called upon the government to commission the regional hospital to the benefit of the people. In fact, they did not find it necessary calling off their intended demonstration in July, a day after the Upper West Regional Minister, Hon Dr Bin Salih Hafiz had taken pain to address the region through a press conference, to update our people on the policies and programmes of the NPP government from January 7 2017 to July 2019. Consistent with their philosophy, all manner of lies were told for which they had been exposed.

They have again come out with another lie about the history of the new regional hospital and we think it is worth setting the records straight and once again expose the them for who they truly are.

The Upper West Regional Hospital is one of the Eurogate projects which began in 2008. The project began under the John Agyekum Kuffour regime, at the time that the honorable Hika Benson was the Upper West Regional Minister. Mr. Benson procured a parcel of land and registered it through the Lands Commission. In fact, he tasked all the assemblies to contribute ghc 3000.00 for that purpose. The procurement of land and the financial engineering were going on concurrently. His excellency Alhaji Aliu Mahama the late, then vice president of the republic of Ghana was pencilled to come and cut sod for the commencement of the project. Unfortunately, there was a stalemate and the process stalled till the 2008 general elections that saw the late Professor Mills as the president.

The Atta Mills government took over in 2009 and continued the processes from where His excellency JA Kuffour stopped. In fact, Prosper Puo-ire exposed his own inconsistency in his statement when he said it was former president Mahama who cut sod in 2010 for the commencement of the project. Mahama was the vice president in 2010 and how could he have began the project? Today, just so people can see Mahama as a credible man for a second coming, strenuous efforts are being made to paint a picture as though Mahama landed from high heavens and built a hospital for the people of our region. In fact, the epic and legendary rejection of Mahama by the people of Ghana will be repeated in 2020 however hard Prosper Puo-ire and NDC try.

Unfortunately, since the demise of the late Mills under some mysterious circumstances, the NDC has always tried to bury his name. This has heightened the curiosity of many a Ghanaian, especially when we are aware of how John Mahama blatantly refused the many calls from medical experts, CSOs and other social groupings for a coroner’s inquest to be conducted and the results published so Ghanaians could be told how their president died. The NDC may have to explain why they are trying to hide the contribution of others in the construction of hospital including the late Professor Mills.

Again attempts are being made at throwing dust into the eyes of the people of the Upper West Region regarding the percentage of completion of the facility before the NDC exited power in 2016. Their claim has always been that, Mahama came and built a hospital up to 95% completion. That is a tragic fallacy. The project per our checks, had 30% component for equipment and as of the time Mahama left office, some of the structures were at various stages of completion. In fact, a number of structures had not been roofed. Even if Mahama had built all the infrastructure, the completion percentage would have stood at 70% and not 95% as they so claim. How can any rational human being refer to a project like the regional hospital that had not got even a syringe 95% complete when he knows that, the hospital equipment component alone is 30%?.

Mr. Prosper Puo-ire also called on the government to find jobs for the people in the region. We find that call to be positive. As citizens, we have the right to call on leadership to provide us jobs. However, we are unable to agree with Prosper Puo-ire when he sounds as though, like Mahama, president Akuffo Addo has not done anything about employment in the region. Have Prosper Puo-ire and the NDC forgotten of the Nation Builders Corpse (NABCO ) that initially employed up to 3000 young men and women in the region and 100,000 nationwide? Have they forgotten that, the programme is a novelty? Have they forgotten of the GES recruitment that took place last year to augment the existing staff following the introduction of the Double Track System? Have they forgotten the aforestation programme? How about the nurses they trained and did nothing about their employment? We are reminding them of his excellency the vice president’s challenge he threw at them last year to name just a single social intervention policy that they had been able to introduce in their eight years in government. The Nana Addo government will go down in history as the government that has in two years implemented such far reaching programmes as Free Senior School, Planting for food and jobs, digital address system, paperless system at the ports, the restoration of the teachers and nurses training allowances since independence in 1957.

We are clear in our minds, that the people of the Upper West Region are happy with the performance of the president, his excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and his government and no amount of malicious lies and naked propaganda can change the thinking of the people. What we should all be asking, is why for eight long years the NDC could not deliver the hospital to the people of the region.

We welcome you to the Upper West Region, your excellency Mr president, the chiefs and people of Upper West are very proud of you.

Bukari Ali
Regional communication director – Upper West Region.

Source: nsemwoha.com

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