Until you have sustainable income, don’t marry even if she says she’ll manage, it’s a trap

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Providing for the home in most societal and cultural settings is the man’s duty, therefore it is expected that a man, has the financial muscle to sponsor such responsibility.

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In light of this, advise has gone to single men considering to take the honorable step of joining the table of men, to make sure that their finances is in order else risk a turbulent marital life.

Taking to Facebook, netizen Odeneho Barima intimated that, it will be unwise for a man to head into a marriage knowing perfectly well he doesn’t have a sustainable job or source of income to foot the expenses of the home.

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He went on to say that, some women, because they want the marriage so bad will ask the man to go ahead and marry them and that they will manage the little the man is able to earn, but he says it is a set up and the biggest scam of the century.

Effectively, he says such women turn around to heap so much pressure on the man after marriage if for lack of funds, he isn’t able to perform his duty as a man in the home.

Until you have a sustainable Job, pls don’t marry. Even if she says she’ll manage, it’s a set up.”  he wrote.


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