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UNILAG Lecturer Dr. Boniface Reportedly Attempts taking his life after BBC’s documentary


BBC Africa Eye’s on Monday released a documentary targeted at lecturers in some West African universities harassing their students for their honeypot in exchange for grades.

After collecting dozens of testimonies from female students, BBC Africa Eye sent an undercover journalist, Kiki Mordi disguising as students inside the University of Lagos and the University of Ghana.

The story of one UNILAG senior lecturer and pastor at Foursquare Gospel Church, Dr. Boniface Igbeneghu, caused serious buzz on social media after he was caught on tape soliciting intimacy from an undercover journalist who posed as a 17-year-old minor seeking admission in the school.

The Foursquare Church expunged him as one of their ministers. Announcing on Facebook, they said

“The Foursquare Church in a bad light, the religious institution has now distanced itself from the scandal against one of their pastors and expelled him as a minister In a statement shared on their Twitter page, the church explained that they do not condone such acts as they disassociated themselves from the conduct of Dr. Boniface.”

Boniface came under attack on social media as social media users flocked his facebook timeline using all sorts of language against him.

A close family friend has confirmed that the lecturer was admitted to the hospital after he drank rat poison in an attempt to kill himself.

In the late hours of Monday evening, Dr. Boniface was found on the floor unconscious with bubbles in his mouth, he was then rushed to Reddington Hospital the family friend said.

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