Home Lifestyle Two Suspects Arrested for Smuggling Tramol in Fried Egg For Prisoner

Two Suspects Arrested for Smuggling Tramol in Fried Egg For Prisoner

Tramol in fried egg

Two suspects have been arrested for trying to smuggle Tramadol in to a friend who is in prison on remand.

The Suspects, Selas Danso aged 24 and Joseph Tetteh aged 22 brought fried eggs to be served to remand prisoner Hanson Larbi.

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It was during the inspection of the food item that officers detected the fried eggs have been laced with drugs suspected to be Tramol.

They are currently in Police custody awaiting Processing and prosecution.

Two arrested for sending tramol in fried egg Ghana

Tramol laced in fried egg

Tramadol and The Ghana Youth

Tramadol is a man-made (synthetic) narcotic painkiller and is usually prescribed to patients suffering from moderate to severe pain. Preparations containing Tramadol are classified as Prescription Only Medicines (POM).
The approved dosage strengths for Tramadol, according to the Health Minister, by the FDA, are 50mg and 100 mg.

Tramadol is addictive, acts as stimulant and can produce a feeling of intense euphoria comparable to heroin even at a single dose of 75mg.
Also, in addiction, dependence and mental health effects suffered by Tramadol abusers renders them totally or partially inefficient at their daily activities, resulting in low productivity.

Tramol has become a canker that’s gradually eating away the future of many Ghanaian youth who are hooked to the hard drug.

Commercial vehicle drivers who lace energy enhancers with Tramadol stay wake for long hours of driving and end up masking their cognitive and alertness that could lead to fatal road accidents.

With the exception of market women, who claim they take it for relief from body aches, the others knowingly use the drug for recreational and aphrodisiac purposes by lacing energy enhancers and alcoholic beverages with it.

Source: nsemwoha.com|Ghana Crime Stoppers