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Two Preachers Engage in Fierce Fight Over Preaching Space [Watch Video]

Two preachers of the gospel have engaged in a fight after they had a disagreement over who was assigned the street space for preaching.

The initial harmless exchanges which seemed normal and happens even between traders took a nasty turn when the preacher who had purportedly annexed the space from the other who usually preached there, threw the first blow.

This led to a retaliation by the other and eventually blew into exchange of blows. Luckily, bystanders separated the two ‘Men of God’ before any could get hurt’.

Street preaching has become rampant in the various capitals in Ghana. One cannot tell whether the numerous preachers springing up on the streets are motivated by the prospect of winning more souls for the kingdom of God or the money they are constantly demanding from pedestrians as Thanksgiving for God, but one could guess the later is the main reason.

For this reason, premium is placed on prime locations in the street and market places which receive massive amount of human traffic and where most passengers and commuters converge to do business as this means more money, if that’s what the preachers are after or more souls to preach to for those truly out there to win souls.

Earlier last year, two preachers also fought in Kumasi, the capital of The Ashanti region of Ghana.

Many have called on Government to check their activities as they have become a nuisance with noise pollution while also obstructing pedestrian walkways with their equipment.

Watch the video below.

Source: nsemwoha.com