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Two Menzgold employees dead, No Salary, No Job, No extra value – Menzgold employee reveals.


The Menzgold brouhaha that has led to many demonstrations and just recently, led to the laying off of employees of the company has taken a different turn.

An employee has revealed in a WhatsApp chat chanced on by Nsemwoha.com that customer’s treatment is less worse compared to how the company has treated its employees in the past few months that events unfolded.

In the chat, the employee with name Abel, says the company has refused to pay their salaries since the troubles with SEC started, employees who invested with the company hasn’t received any extra value since then and now they have no jobs.

It was also revealed in the said chat that two Menzgold employees died, one of which was a manager.

It can be recalled that Securities and Exchange commission of Ghana instructed Menzgold to halt its Gold vault trading activities since the company was not licensed to trade.

This has led to the lock up of millions of Ghana cedis belonging to its over 60,000 clients both in Ghana and Abroad.

The company has defaulted on almost every promise made to clients of repayment, often citing security of employees as excuse. The most recent one was the laying off of all non-managerial employees of the company.

Find the chat below


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