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Twitter ‘Counsellor’ calls Lydia Forson ‘Obolo Tui’ For Being Rude, Advices Her To Go For ‘Di Asa’


Lydia Forson incurred the wrath of some Twitter users after she insulted a fan over a simple question.

Over the trending video of a legon girl beating a guy with slippers due to cheating issues, a twitter user, asked the actress of her opinion on the violent act in the viral video.

As a loudmouth human rights activist, tilted towards the feminism movement, fans humbly expected Lydia’s reaction to the video and she decided to go foul with it.

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The actress insulted fans who asked her to share her opinion on the matter and they gladly returned the favour.

At a point, one advised her to go for ‘Di Asa’, a show for women with a lot of ‘meat’ and skin.



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