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Treachery of Mahama exposed by widow of late vice president

“I am amazed by the outpouring of tributes for my husband. So, did they really know him? The treachery against my husband, the mischief, the false accusations, the maligning, the deliberately changing things to make him look bad… so you can look good… So, I ask did they really know my husband?”

A tribute read by the widow of the late politician, former vice president of Ghana and governor of the bank of Ghana turned into an outburst of accusations and finger pointing at some unknown individuals in the Ghanaian political circles.

She accused those people of being treacherous. Some members of the opposition NDC have interpreted her comments to be a dig at the ruling NPP.

But ace journalist Manasseh Azure of Multimedia has opined that her comments were instead directed at some leaders of the late president’s political party, the NDC.

He said in a Facebook post ”

A Facebook user Mr. Rodney Nkrumah also wrote in reply to Manasseh’s post that:


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