Top 4 Things To Do On Mountain Afadjato In Ghana

Mountain Afadjato,the highest free-standing mountain and one of the highest mountains in Ghana, raised at a height of 885m is located near Liate-Wote and Gbledi-Gbogame in the Volta Region of Ghana, precisely in the Hohoe  Municipality.

The mountain which serves as a home for games,wild birds and different species of plants is 24km from the national capital,Accra.

 Aside mountain Afadjato being endowed with beauty of nature worth watching,there a lot more to do on mountain Afadjato;


With the aid of a tour guide,you will be guided to climb the Afadjato Mountain with ease.Climbing  the mountain to it’s peak takes 2 and half hours and the experience is awesome.


Visiting mountain Afadjato as a tourist will award you the chance of having to see different kinds of games,wild birds,butterflies and species of plants.As you climb higher,you will have clear view of the lowlands,which you can’t see easily get erase d from your mind..


Camping on mountain Afadjato could be a life time experience that you can’t easily erase from your mind,most especially with the commanding weather that comes in the evening. You can arrange with your tour guide(s) to secure a place for you to camp,maybe just for a night or few days.You tent,torch light,some foods and drinks are enough for that.


You can arrange with your tour guides to organize an evening entertainment with drumming and dancing,where the rich cultural dances of the indegenes like,Borborbor,Zigi and Akpi  would be displayed.
Their exceptional tone of the Ewe can also be learnt.
As farming community, you can take a chance to explore their farms to see and learn how the different type of crops are cultivated and how they look like.
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