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Toddison Writes: Taking the ‘Eat locally produced Rice’ campaign beyond social media – the way forward


The phrase ‘Eat Locally produced rice’ is catching on quickly on the Ghanaian social media space.

The campaign which has seen bigwigs in the Ghanaian media and government, such as Citi Fm boss, Sam Attah-Mensah (Sammens) vehemently supporting it is about getting Ghanaians to patronise locally produced rice which has been overshadowed by numerous brands of imported rice on the Ghanaian market.

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Sammens, to show how serious he was about the campaign caused all advertisements of imported rice brands to be stopped on his radio station, Citi fm.

But, just like many social media based campaigns in the past, this too might fail to make any meaningful impact where it matters.

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Indeed, “this is a good time for us to promote the consumption of locally produced rice…..

I spent some time this morning thinking of how we can all take this to the next level, beyond social media.

1. The caterers of the School Feeding Programme are a ready market for these local rice farmers.

2. The government should ensure that catering contracts are awarded to businesses that patronize produced in Ghana rice.

3. Christmas / End of Year packages to government workers should include locally produced rice.

4. All government agencies should be encouraged to use these products for their seminars, end of year parties, etc.

The truth is, you cannot force an individual to do certain things but where the fingers of an organization are in the mouth of the government, we can dictate to them paaaa.

From where I sit, I don’t think we should have any problems at all enforcing these on public institutions.” – Stanley Toddison

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