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This image of Clemento Suarez as an infant is all you need to stay motivated

There is this popular saying that every king was once a little helpless baby; and this statement has manifested in a number of life’s affairs.

We all know most of the celebrities we adore and worship when they are already grown up. But little is known about their struggles and childhood life.


One celebrity who has taken the entertainment industry by storm in recent times is Clemento Suarez. But how well do you know about the childhood life of the comedian?


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The Tema based comedian has been a toast for many a lover of comedy shows and skits. He has combined his wit and great sense of humor to wow the public and has garnered for himself a huge following.

The comedian whom many believe is the future of comedy in Ghana, surprised his following on social media with a photo grid of himself depicting his evolution from childhood through to adulthood.

Clement Ashiteye popularly known as Clemento Suarez accompanied the picture with a simple caption that reads: “The evolution of greatness”. See pictures below.