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These days men don’t put much effort in chasing women, if you play hard to get, they’re gone – Lady laments

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A lady has lamented the change in attitude by men nowadays when chasing after women to be their partners, saying they’re no longer willing to put in much work as used to be the case.

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Taking to social media, Mmabatho likened the process these days to a ‘take it or leave it deal’ where the men move on as soon as they detect any dragging of feet.

Women have been known to secretly enjoy and take pride in dragging a man who obviously wants to date them over a period of time, even though they also equally harbour interest for him, so he can’t say anywhere that he got her easily.

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But Mmabatho observes men have changed over time and no longer tolerate such delays and that they’re moving on too quickly these days.

I think men don’t put in much effort in chasing women these days, it’s a take it or leave it kind of situation” she wrote

Effectively, ladies are also going to have to change their tactics to the trend else risk losing men they genuinely have interest in just because they decided to drag stall him small.

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