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There’s 54% chance Nana Ama will take Sammy back – John Dumelo poll reveals (Vote here)

It looks like all is not lost for our latest broken heart victim, Sammy, A.K.A Double as a poll by popular actor and politician John Dumelo has shown there’s an appreciable chance Nana Ama will forgive him.

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Level 300 KNUST student Sammy has been the talk of town since yesterday for his public display of the pains in his aching heart after long time girlfriend Nana Ama ended their relationship.

John Dumelo’s poll asked  respondents one simple question, that in their honest opinion, will Nana Ama forgive and take back Sammy?

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Out of the almost 14,000 votes cast, 54 percent said Nana Ama will definitely take him back while the rest were not so hopeful.

Since majority carries the vote, we believe Nana Ama will take a renewed Sammy back after his public show of remorse.