Home Entertainment The Vicky Zugah Story – Detailed account of what really happened

The Vicky Zugah Story – Detailed account of what really happened

Vicky zugah apologises to woman she snapped husband

Over the weekend news everywhere was Vicky Zugah, a Ghanaian actress who snatched a pregnant woman husband had gone to do the needful by kneeling and apologizing to the woman after months of trying to locate her.

Vicky is said to have had a prophecy which revealed the lady had cursed her never to have any successful relationship after she suffered a great deal of pain after her husband left her for Vicky.

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Many Ghanaians have praised her action, saying owning up to a wrong and taking the steps to ameliorate the situation was maturity but others have lambasted the beautiful actress for snatching the man in the first place and only apologizing when it was in her interest.

Someone, purporting to be a close friend with all the nitty gritties to the story have explained what really happened.

Here is Vicky’s side of the story….

• Vicky dated a man because the man claimed to being single with a kid. She had absolutely no idea, that man was still married. She is attracted to old men. Which is not her fault. just Like some guys are attracted to old women.

•Vicky found out the man was actually married, and broke it off. But the man (Nigerian) being so generous in their nature, was always visiting Vicky’s Home and forcefully dropping of gifts even when Her Mom to him Vicky was not home, thinking that Vicky would change her mind wanting to see him again.

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•Upon several attempts to get her at home yielded no results, the man started tracing her on campus. Grabbed her one afternoon on a forceful date drove off with her without informing her exactly where they were headed. He take her to his matrimonial home to inform the wife, he had a girlfriend. Vicky was shocked couldn’t say a word there.

•On their way back Vicky makes it known to the man what he did was wrong and retreated the fact that she doesn’t want to have anything to do with him, and what he just did won’t change her mind.

•The man returns home to beat his wife who was actually pregnant, a miscarriage occurs, and the woman who had no knowledge that Vicky wanted nothing to do with her husband after finding out he was married long before this whole forceful introduction, cursed the lady.

•Curses are not worked by the Holy spirit but Evil Spirits.

•The pastor Could have broken Vicky’s Curse in Church, but for Generational Breakthrough he took a Traditional Stand on it. Because it had become evident that Every relationship Vicky got into, had either the Sequence of being lied to, or being Abused (The Abuse had correlations to the curse).

•Vicky’s troubles were all because she believed a lie from a Man she was attracted to.

Most of us Have fallen victim to dating People who lied to us about being single, And majority wouldn’t even leave after finding out they are actually Side Boo’s or Bae’s. And Even I Gabie I’m no Exception to that Experience.

Let’s Stay Away From Passing Unpleasant Comments on her Image as though We are Saints. You probably[sic] in the same situation but you just don’t know yet.

I took time to Post detailed Facts, For the Benefit of those who didn’t Follow The Genesis Of the Story, And all Interviews therein.

Source: celebritiesgist.com

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