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The solution to racism in US is in the hands of white people not blacks – Here’s why

White woman protesting at Minneapolis after killing of George Floyd by police./ Photo by EnPhotpgraphy: Facebook/

The recent white police killing of an unarmed George Floyd by kneeling on his neck in Minneapolis and the incident at Ramble central park in New York involving a certain Amy Cooper, now known as Central Park Karen has brought into perspective the precarious situation people of color face today in the United States and how the police is all but tool in the hands of white folks.

It is not news that the nation itself is structured to support such acts and the lack of action and the repeated, documented and ignoble occurrences all but support this assertion.

How the system was set up

In 1865, the United States Government took power from slave masters and handed it over to the ‘system’ which used mass incarceration of Blacks to continue a new form of slavery called convict leasing.

Mass incarceration of Blacks from the ensuing centuries complemented by the diabolic and intentional depiction of black people in movies and mass media as people prone to crime and violence has made sure every disdain entertained by slave owners and the majority of America’s white populace for blacks are still intact, as a result the they protect the ‘system’ and the system and appreciation the system is always there to protect them.

It’s a self sustaining process, exactly why after decades of protest, formation of many unions, people of color are in no better situation than they were during the years of slavery, segregation etc.

The only difference today, is that crimes perpetrated on blacks can be highlighted for a few days of public sentiments and outrage, and it is always a safe bet to say that nothing will change if the status quo is not fundamentally disrupted.

But how can you disrupt a system set up by the gate keepers of the largest economic and Military power in the world?

Realize how heads of African countries are always mute when such occurrences happen? They’re not fools, the same system will deal with anyone, even outside America who speaks ill of it.

Should blacks pick up arms?

Of course that will be a silly thought. America’s super intelligent system will quash them before their first shot is fired.

The System Falling

So what do the ordinary African American do? My answer is simple, make more white friends, convert them and convince them to give up the privileges the system offers them in return for their participation in keeping it running.

I know you’re surprised. The system is imploding, the country is divided now more than ever and more whites are joining the call for the downfall of the system realizing how inhumane, unfair and disproportionate it has been. When the people who are critical to the proper functioning of the system realizes they have been nothing but pawns in the chest game of the powerful guardians of the system, then will it all begin to go down south.

The system may be able to hold off a precipitous fall but the inevitable will eventually, happen. Olympus shall fall.

By: Joseph Naah-Yerreh | Blogger | Ghana

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