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The Sad Reality Of The Black Race


Most black people hate sense, some specialize in adorning what is folly. I have decided to stick to my own independent mentality when dealing with some of my fellow black men based on my experience. Infact, I have realised that in most cases if you want to know the right way to go in a black community, go in the opposite direction everyone else is going and you will be making all the right decisions and choices. It saddens my heart to make all these submissions about my people but it is because I seek for an impossible change.

Can’t you see everything blacks takes for granted, white people exalts and polishes it for it to churn productive revenues? You must sit in your country for someone to come and teach you what to do with your resources. They come and sign agreement with you, milk your resources and pay you taxes from revenues they expatriate to their country. The story of the Blackman is really sad. Go on social media, post something sensible, an advice to the youth, something sensible that when followed can liberate oneself and you will be greeted with insults by people who even in real life are not your pedegree in anything. They abuse a wonderful tool given to them by the white man and reduce it to an insult zone for the slightest of post.

Productivity, creativity and innovation is zero. It is good Jesus chose not to die in Africa because he would have changed his mind about salvation looking at the attitude of the Black man. Two thousand and nineteen years now since Jesus left the earth and the attitude and mental faculty of the Blackman has not seen improvement even the very educated ones. I feel very sad when I look at my fellow black man and the black community and the sad aspect is that we are too proud in our ignorance.

We won’t welcome change, we will fight and argue with anything sensible but we ourselves are not getting anywhere. Envy and jealousy is the order of the day, pull him down syndrome, castigating, evil speakings, gossips, unwarranted insults, display of ignorance, uncultured behaviour and attitudes, at times behaving lesser than animals, witchcraft, seditions, evil mindedness, mentality of overthrow, slave ideas, retarded progress, communal foolishness, fruitless competition and promotion of religious hypocrisy is what you see the black man engulfed in even the most elite in soceity.

The black man has taken solace in religion yet lazily and blindly allowing themselves to be taught by blind people and milked of their hard earned revenues. You hardly hear of fake pastors in the white man’s land but in a black community it is rampant because the black man will not exercise the full use of his brains, the latitude of the black man’s brain cannot be stretched well enough to accommodate developmental ideas, foster unity and growth, and seek economic, social and legal justice and liberation for all.

The black spirit is the ‘dog’ that yearns to have a master over it but cannot chart it’s own course. This is my verdict, at any special point in time, the black community will have one shinning star or example that will give the others others hope and do what they can to restore faith in the black mentality and also toss bits and pieces of development in certain regions. I speak of the likes of Marcus Garvey, Kwame Nkrumah, Barrack Obama, Nelson Mandela, Julius Nyerere, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Patrice Lumumba, Mohammed Ali, Steve Harvey, Stevie Wonder, Martin Luther King, Muamar Gadafi, Jomo Kenyatta, Yaa Asantewaa, Osei Tutu, Emperor Haile Selassie, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, George Weah, Abedi Pele, World Pele, Kofi Annan and the likes.

But the truth is the black man forever and ever can never reach or develop up to the level of the white man. It will never happen in this world or in the next world to come. We must even thank God for slave trade that gave our forefathers the chance to travel abroad that has given blacks in the diaspora some level of exposure. Every black country where you see white people there development is seen, example is South Africa. Where it is only Black people forget anything called development.

I for one thank God so much for slave trade. Our ancestors suffered but it is worth it otherwise the story of the Blackman would have been worse. Now we have black people who are millionaires and billionaires because they have exposure in white countries. Love me, hate me but this is unremorseful solid truth and disposition of the black race which I am part of. The fight of independent for the Blackman will never end because the Blackman will always be in slavery mentally, physically, religiously, spiritually and economically.

Unedited, Unapologetic And Unremorseful Truth

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