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The Right Attitude Towards The Gospel-Listen, Research & Practice

Acts 17:10-11
10. As soon as night came the believers sent Paul and Silas to Berea. When they arrived they went to the synagogue.
11. The people there were more open-minded than the people of Thessalonica. They listened to the messages with eargerness, and everyday they studied the scriptures to see if what Paul said was really true.

The people of Berea were one group of people that were commended for their positive attitude towards the gospel. They listened to the gospel and actually researched it to find out that what Paul was preaching to them wasn’t false.

Your right attitude towards the gospel preaching is listen, research and practice. In any place you find the gospel being preached to you, don’t turn a deaf ear to it if you have time. After that when you go to your destination, find time and research about what you have heard and if you find out it is actually true, begin to practice it in your life for results.

Nowadays, the Christians we have don’t like learning because they only seek for instant miracles and don’t care about the source. They seek today’s comfort with tomorrow’s worry instead of today’s worry and tomorrow’s comfort. Let your worry be about the gospel you are hearing now and if you practice it in your life, it assures you of the comfort you desire in future.

We are in a kingdom of hope and faith. Hope are things we do not see now but yet we believe and faith is the evidence or substance of things not seen but hoped for. It means faith is converting your hope into reality. This hope you have can become real in your life if you will work with faith and see it’s substance manifest in your life. And this faith can only be activated in your life if you base it on the word of God.

Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God but how do you possess faith if you don’t hear the word? And how do you know you have the right faith if you don’t research into the word you have heard?

Some people have very strong faith but it is wrong faith because it is not founded on the word of God, they allowed themselves to be deceived because they did not research into the false word they heard from a preacher. If your faith is strong but wrong you will not see results in your life and you begin to blame God for it. God doesn’t respond to wrong faith so may be the reason your expectations have delayed is this.

Our faith as Christians is there is a heaven and hell. Your works on earth will show you where you end up. You need to find out the things you must do to take you to either heaven or hell. Having a house, car, businesses, children, good marriage etc but you won’t enter heaven, what is the use of it? There the gospel of Jesus is all about how to take you to heaven and lead a righteous life on Earth to avoid hell. You must therefore avoid sin and follow all that is written in the word based on your hearing and your research.

The people of Thessalonica were lazy hearers and practioners but those of Berea gained a good reputation for researching into the word. Many Christians have been deceived by so many pastors because they are like the people of Thessalonica, they have a closed mind so won’t research to find out if what they are being told to do is biblical or not.

It is also important to find out in this same text where Paul and Silas went to first when they arrived at Berea. They went first to the synagogue of God to do God’s business. Some Christians, the first place they will visit if they get to a new location is a drinking bar or a brothel, they don’t look for the house of God to worship.

Let us maintain a positive attitude towards the gospel of Christ, whether you are preaching yourself or hearing it, your right attitude must be to research for confirmation so that you are not mislead by so many false prophets and pastors in our midst today.

God bless you as you read.

Quayson The Writer

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