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The Menzgold Saga By Julius Opuni Asamoah


There exists a form of intelligence that represents the high point of human potential in every decision, including investment decisions. Intelligence is the source of the greatest achievements and discoveries in history. It is an intelligence that is not taught in our schools nor analysed by professors, but almost all of us, at some point, have had glimpses of it in our own experience.

Wrong investment determinants, gutless strategies, thoughtless plans, hastily judgement and poor investment advisory services are the unfortunate sceneries less expected of all fund managers. Seeing highly learned individuals, elitists and the rich waywardly investing in any scheme does not merit its trustworthiness, rather, one’s sagacious of drawing clear lines of its rationality is the determinant.

No wonder a pressure group is demanding the dismissal of the heads of both SEC and EOCO, over their poor handling of the Menzgold saga. Owing to their eminent negligence and abdication of duty in relation to NAM 1’s swindle of vulnerable investors the “COYEES” pressure group is demanding the dismissal of the aforementioned bosses by the President of the Republic.

The risks associated with investment scams are easily avoidable, however, they thrive and catch innocent investors into their web due to the free existence of their syndicates.

They wrongfully debate and argue in favour of the originators of these investment scams, their vociferous instincts vanish the day the schemes collapse and the debris start vapourising.

As professional colleagues, it is our ultimate responsibility to advise appropriately on good and bad investments since the end results tend to become the epitome of our competence.

Our minds become completely absorbed in all tasks before us, therefore, intense concentration sparks all kinds of ideas – some come to us as we fall asleep, out of nowhere, as if we’re springing from our unconsciousness.

People seem less resistant to investment influence, perhaps we were less attentive to them, or we appeared to have a special trust that inspired our investment decisions.

We might often experience working life in a passive mode, constantly reacting to one or two decisions without careful thought out plans. It’s extremely better and even more superfluous to listen to alternative arguments being advanced by your cohorts.

Out of endurance, all arguments for and against NAM 1 could be genuinely marked by genuine-minded personalities and those whose condemned stance failed to glitter are now conspicuously identified.

It saddens people’s hearts and efforts are dispirited if wrong decision makers on failed investments remain indifferent whilst claiming undue support for these scams, a couple of months ago.

On the other hand, is it that, some of us live in an interior world of dreams, desires and obsessive thoughts? In this era of exceptional creativity, we are impelled by the need to get something done that has a practical effect or that they are not all that jaunty to concede defeat openly.

We force ourselves to step outside our inner chamber of habitual thoughts and connect to the other people and to reality.

Instead of others flitting here and there in a state of perpetual distraction, some of us, our minds focus and penetrate to the core of something real and substantial. At these moments, it is as if our minds turn outward and are flooded with light from the world around us and often expose to the outcomes of debatable issues of much national importance.

Prominent personalities like Leonardo da Vinci, Napoleon Bonaparte and Charles Darwin had the greatest command of reality and it became their way of life and seeing the world.

Although, one can easily enter these situations with excitement about what we can learn or do with our new skills, we should quickly realise how much task is ahead of us whenever debating. The great danger is that we give in to feelings of boredom, impatience, fear and confusion.

If we manage these emotions and allow time to take its course, something remarkable will begin to take shape. As we continue to observe and follow the lead of others, we gain clarity.

If we continue accepting the factuals and realities of every argument, we gain fluency, basic skills are learnt and mastered, allow us to take on newer and more exciting challenges.

We therefore begin to view, appreciate and accept what were invisible to us before. By so doing, we slowly gain confidence in our ability to debate constructively or overcome weaknesses through sheer persistence.

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