Home Editorial The hugging president; Meet Kolindar president of Croatia.

The hugging president; Meet Kolindar president of Croatia.

Image: Facebook

The Croatian president has been a constant image on our TV screens during this one month of football in Russia and has made waves all throughout to the the last day.


First of all, she flew economy class in a plane with others to go and support Croatia in Russia. This act was seen by many around the world as a sign of humility and her down to earth nature appeased to many.

Then was her presence, she was at every game her team played, cheering them all the way to victory even sometimes when her team was behind she would spur them on for a come back to ultimately win the match.

Despite her amazing humility and support, it’s her hugs that’s got the world talking. She hugged almost everyone and everything in her way. From her own their dressing room after a win, to the young and handsome French president Macron, whose team beat hers to clinch the coveted world cup for a second time in their history.

All said and done the world cup was a successful one in Russia and her team’s exploits will certainly be ingrained in the history of the 2018 FIFA world cup.