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“The church is not a family business for your children to inherit” – Prophet Botuo fires Senior Pastors in Ghana (Video)

Prophet Isaac Opoku, the founder and leader of In Him is life church International has blasted Ghanaian senior pastors of major Churches who are fond of bequeathing their churches to their children when they finally retire.

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In a video presentation, the pastor and business man popularly known as Prophet Obotuo said these men of God leave experienced pastors who have been with them since the start of their ministry to give their church management, leadership and pastorship to their children as if it were a family business.

According to Prophet Botuo, the practice is prevalent in the so called ‘One man churches’ where individuals start the church but it’s never the case with mission churches and a few Pentecostal churches like the Church of Pentecost.

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He said it is never seen in the bible where siblings or children of major prophets or bishops became their successors.

He added that, the practise was therefore borne out of greed evidenced by the business nature of churches nowadays where the pastors make as much money as they can from their members.

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He also attacked some pastors who in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent ban of social gatherings, have instructed their members to send their offerings and tithes through digital platforms like mobile money, charging that they haven’t even told their members how to be safe from the virus, all they’re interested in is their money.