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Tagoe Sisters’s Reach The Needy Tour 2019 (Beacon Of Hope For The Needy)

Ghanaian veteran renowned gospel musicians who revolutionarised the gospel scene in the 90s and are still relevant even today have embarked on a humanitarian mission dubbed’ touch the needy tour’.


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The tour started in Ghana late this year around 13th October 2019 and continued to the great United States of America where they performed in many churches in different States as they did in Ghana. Some of the States visited by these beautiful exquisite Queens in the USA includes:

Columbus ,Brooklyn
Minisotta,New work
Meoniapolis, Virginia
Ohio, Maryland

United States of America was part of the targeted venue for the tour because the people there especially Ghanaians expressed interest in being part of the humanitarian project.


Apart from their fans missing their music, they also wanted to use the tour as an opportunity to raise funds to support their project and so far it has been a great success as they are back in the country to continue their good works.

They intend to continue with the Ghana tour as well as they did before leaving for the States. The continuation of the Ghana tour is expected to last for the next three (3) months into year 2020.

There are far bigger plans in 2020 as these gallant sisters intend to continue the tour to other schegen countries like Germany, Italy, Holand, Belgium , Spain and be climaxed in the united kingdom.

This project is championed by an NGO called Tagoe Twin Foundation (TTF) established by themselves about a decade ago. The main objective of this NGO is to support the needy in society, be it orphans, multiple birthed children and underprivileged mothers to be able to meet their socioeconomic needs.

The NGO has been in existence for over a decade and has done so many works in different parts of the country to help alleviate poverty among mothers and children especially.


All Tagoe Sisters are asking for is support and prayers from their fans all over the world to execute all this great and important mission that God has laid on their heart. They intend to do it with their heart and strength to care for the needy in society so they will also feel part of us.

This to them is the highest calling for anyone who calls himself or herself a child of God, that is to take care of the needy and less privileged in society especially mothers and children since they are the most vulnerable and for this course Tagoe Sisters are up for the task .

Paul in the Bible wrote that if I can prophesy or speak in tongues more than anyone else but don’t practice charity it amount to nothing. Practical Christianity to Tagoe Sisters is Charity.

Below are some of the pictures and brochures of events held in and outside Ghana :