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Stop saying women like money, if she asks for wisdom and divine protection, can you give? – Man says

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Ask any random guy what the one thing women love most is, and the answer will be a resounding Money Money Money and other material things.

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That’s how the term gold digger was coined and has since gone ahead to refer to women who only like men for their money and other material things.

Surprisingly, a man has jumped to the defence of women, by raising a legitimate question about men and how they view women when it comes to their demand for material things.

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The Facebook user, Alphaba Agonadehyee has in a post, aimed a question at men who claim that they don’t like girls who ask for material things, quizzing should these ladies ask for something immaterial like wisdom and divine protection, would they be able to give?

Effectively, Agonadehyee argues that material things fancy everyone on earth and that it is no crime of theirs if ladies ask for money and other material things which will make their life comfortable.

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He wrote: “You don’t like a girl who asks for material things, if she asks for Wisdom and Divine protection, can you give? ”