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“Stop drinking palm wine” – Minister


Palm wine remains a much-loved local drink for many Ghanaians. It commands a very large constituency despite competition from local and foreign beverages.

However, the abuse of agro-chemicals in tapping the wine is gradually making its consumption unsafe.
Many tappers are resorting to the use of harmful insecticides to control organisms that cause rot at the incision point of the palm trunk. This contaminates the drink with residues of the harmful chemicals.


Farm visits and close observations by Ghana News Agency (GNA) show that some tappers are using DDT, Endrin, Aldrin, Methyl Bromide and other banned agrochemicals in controlling organisms at the incision point of the palm trunks.

The GNA found a number of empty containers of such chemicals in some palm plantations and sites where tapping is being done. (GNA)
This has prompted the minister of science, Technology and innovation to say among other things that consumers should stop or at least be careful of the source of palmwine they drink.

He said palmwine tappers sometimes unknowingly compromise the safety of the product with the pesticides and weedicides used on farms.
The minister also said koobi and some fish products are preserved with pestcdes which are poisonous to consumers and entreated the general public to be vigilant.

The ministry would set up a commission to investigate the issue and report on findings.