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Stop being emotional; you can’t do me ‘foko’ – Magraheb to Net2 TV Host Kwaku Annan (Video)


Francis Oppong, better known as Magraheb has responded with a firm and unyielding NO to requests and threats by Net2 TV host Kwaku Annan to get him to retract and apologize for comments he sees as an affront to his person.

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Mr. Kwaku Annan, who hosts “The Seat” show was called out by Magraheb for purportedly being unprofessional and letting his boss, Kennedy Agyapong dictate the program for him.

An infuriated Kwaku Annan, through Whatsapp voice notes, text messages, as revealed by Magraheb threatened physical harm among others on Magraheb if he failed to retract and apologize within 48hours, which ended on Tuesday.

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Magraheb has finally responded to his threats with a video explaining the entire saga, revealing the threats on his life, the insults and the orders.

According to Magraheb, he is unfazed by the threats by Kwaku Annan and he warned that should any harm befall him whether physically or spiritually, Mr. Annan will have himself to blame for whatever follows..




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