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Stephanie Benson narrates her ordeal with a ‘spiritual assassin’ who was supposedly contracted to kill her (Video)

Ghanaian musician, Stephanie Benson has narrated a story of how a young man who is supposedly a mallam contacted her about a contract to eliminate her spiritually.

Narrating her story, she said the young man by name Suleman sent her a text this morning, informing her that he has been contracted to kill her.

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She continued by saying he didn’t need to tell her, he should go ahead and do what he had been paid to do.

The perplexed mallam who didn’t know what else to say, she narrates, said he only wanted to inform her because he likes her and didn’t want to go through with the act.

Stephanie Benson said she insisted he goes ahead do the work because probably she had done something bad to whoever it was that he or she wanted her dead so bad.

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A closer look at the tactic and it is reminiscent of modern scamming tactics employed by unscrupulous people on social media where they put fear into a person by claiming they’re powerful spiritualist contracted to kill a person, but wouldn’t go ahead with the act if the person paid a certain amount of money.

Some Modern fraudulent activities on the internet include lotto fraud, fake Military recruitment posts, fake hotel recruitment, fake Mallams among others, always keep and eye for these on social media.